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    The Uncertain Universe
    06.04.2009, 20:12


    What is the problem with cosmology?

    As a science cosmology is limited to the study of the universe as a whole, drawing conclusions based on astronomical observation and mathematical models. Over time cosmology has evolved from a speculative enterprise into a data-driven science; however, even in this new cosmology of facts and figures the origins of our universe remain a mystery, one that will perhaps never be solved.

    Every day new theories on the birth and evolution of the universe are made without the support of scientific observation-theories that may never be proven by hard evidence. And so cosmology remains a principle driven enterprise, with its roots deeply planted in the soil of uncertainty and wonder, in many ways completely contradictory to the definition of science as we know it today.

    Bruce Kriger takes readers on a breathtaking journey from the hallowed halls of Harvard to the Isle of Freedom and into the roots of the philosophy of cosmology, deploying an understanding of physics and philosophy to mount a serious challenge to the dominant cosmologist view, expose the politics behind conventional scientific theories (proving that in many cases it isn’t the science but the funding behind it that dictates which direction scientific discovery and cosmology itself will take) and define the ultimate limits of human knowledge to form a sober view of what we can know and what will always remain a mystery.

    Категория: Издания произведений Б.Кригера на других языках | Добавил: Mira
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