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    A Future Beyond Imagination
    06.04.2009, 12:28

    A Future Beyond Imagination

    In A Future Beyond Imagination, Bruce Kriger offers his unique views on a trends that seem insignificant now, but may trigger groundbreaking changes in the future.  The masters of philosophy from prior times become a springboard for Kriger’s own ideas. Yet, his work is wholly original. It is easy to read.  At the same time, the messages are deep and provocative.

    A Future Beyond Imagination is both rational and fascinating. In an early section, the author transcribes conversations with virtual entities on the internet. This is amusing, yet there is a serious reason for bringing up this lighthearted discourse. Much of Kriger’s book is based on the possibility of the future world dominated by with virtual personalities.

    Bruce Kriger takes on subjects like immortality, individual freedom, sexual motivation, whether there is a need for work, the usefulness of governments; criminal behavior, and terrorism. Readers will lose themselves to its pages, only to find that they have gained a completely new perspective.

    If Kriger’s suggestions are followed, there will be changes in every walk of life.  However, A Future Beyond Imagination is as much a call to thought as a call to action.  Kriger encourages people to spend some time every day simply thinking about themselves and their world.  Kriger’s book is important not only for this encouragement, but also because A Future Beyond Imagination gives readers new insights well worth considering.

    ремонт холодильников в подольске врезка замка в металлическую дверь

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