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    The Joys of Common Sense
    06.04.2009, 20:06
    The Joys of Common Sense
    The Joys of Common Sense

    The Joys of Common Sense is a philosophical book that uses the scientific principles of evolution and psychology to analyze how human nature developed into what it is today. The book explains the basic elements of human nature ranging from the conscience, good and evil, fear, spirituality and feelings of peace. The style is eloquent yet basic, making the read pleasant for all ages and educational backgrounds.  Additionally, the book is neutral when it comes to religion.  The author does not purport any one religion over another, while still professing a general belief in God.  In fact, the book even delves into how God relates to human nature.  However, The Joys of Common Sense is not meant for just theists.  The novel gives occasional blurbs about how atheists can take advantage of the knowledge it presents.

    Since the beginning of time philosophers and scientists have tried to figure out what exactly makes a creature ‘human’.  Philosophers analyzed things from a spiritual perspective, while scientists searched for answers through facts and statistics.  Yet, very few educated minds wanted to combine the two schools of thought, mainly because it was believed that they were separate entities.  Bruce Kriger, author of The Joys of Common Sense does not take such an approach.  Through his book a person can obtain a better understanding of human nature through an analysis that beautifully blends together scientific and philosophical principles.

    The Joys of Common Sense presents these principles through several topics relating to human nature.  A few examples include: forgiveness, fear, good versus evil, achieving peace, the human conscience and brain chemistry.  The book also covers topics that help address how ‘bad’ things are essential in positively developing human nature, whether it’s for an individual or a community.

    “Only by realizing the direction of a process as early as possible can we be successful in choosing the right strategy. Whether we need to ignore certain signs of destruction and oppose them, or see them as the beginning of an irreversible process of destruction (like aging, for example) and accept it as inevitable and adjust to its consequences is an important step of discernment.”  Notes Bruce Kriger, in regards to how ‘destruction’ in life can lead to more promising changes.

    As far as style, The Joys of Common Sense is a very easy read.  Unlike other books of this nature, The Joys of Common Sense is able to explain complex philosophies in plain English.  The reader does not get burdened with overly formal, jargon-filled language.  Bruce Kriger writes as if he talking to you, making the experience associated with the book even more invigorating.  People on all levels of the philosophical spectrum will be able easily understand the numerous lessons offered by this book.

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